Meteorologist Jeremy Kappell is weathering a storm in Rochester, NY of his after, in my opinion, a slip up that cost him his job...which in my opinion was a bit over the top for WHEC-TV 10.  But the reaction to the slip-up, or as some are deeming it, a racial slur, caused a firestorm on Social Media and even had Rochester's Mayor asking for the Meteorologist to be terminated...which hasn't turned out too very great for her either.

So you decide; was it a slip of the tongue or a racial slur which some are suggesting was a Freudian slip based o the Meteorologist jokingly using the word among friends, which unfortunately came out Live, On-Air?

Racial Slur or Slip Up:

Jeremy Kappell issued a sincere and heartfelt apology (again, my opinion): WATCH

Kappell is an Award Winning, Professional Meteorologist:  WATCH

It's not the first time the very same mistake has been made:  WATCH

This story has gone Viral across the Country with National Today Show Meteorologist Al Roker weighing in with his opinion on Twitter:

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