Well here's what Day 3 & 4 looked like at LA Fitness as I continue my journey to get in shape and lose weight!  Thanks for following my progress and if you'd like a FREE GUEST PASS just click on the link below the videos to get yours!

WRITE: I WANNA GET IT IN WITH POWER 93.7 WBLK (below in the Comments Section...for instructions as to how you can get a 3 Day Complimentary Pass from LA Fitness)


(just click the link below to access the LA Fitness Website)  I'd like to know WHO wants to "GET IT IN" with me..but your welcome to simply click the link for your Free Complimentary Pass!  :)

Day 3: (Aerobics Only on Day 3 - Wednesday)

Day 4 - Thursday: (Aerobics)

Day 4 - Thursday (Shoulders)

Day 4 - Thursday (Swimming...increased to 4 Laps!!!!)



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