Some extreme heat is on the way to Western New York, and many in the region will be scrambling to find ways to keep cool. One of the great things about living in the 716 is that there is no shortage of places to enjoy the fun, sun, and water when the weather gets warm.

However, since temperatures will be soaring towards 100 degrees over the next few days, officials in the region are looking for ways to help people stay cool. With the school year approaching, some school districts have decided to close early to allow students to get out of the hot school buildings. The City of Buffalo has also decided to open cooling centers all over the city for those without air conditioning.

Another way for people to stay cool is to find some water to hang out near. Of course, there's no shortage of beaches and beach clubs to hang out at. But if the beach isn't for you, then there are tons of public pools in Buffalo and Western New York that you can hop in this summer.

Buffalo, the largest municipality in the region, has several indoor and outdoor public pools that you can feel free to use once they open for the season.

When Do The Buffalo Public Pools Open

The City of Buffalo owns and operates 2 Indoor Pools, 2 Wading Pools, 6 Outdoor Pools, and 10 Splash Pads spread throughout the city.

The indoor pools are open year-round and can be used at any time during their operating hours. The city's splash pads opened for the season on Memorial Day weekend and are on every day as long as the weather is good.

Construction and labor shortages have caused a delay in what pools have opened in past years, but according to an announcement from City Hall, Buffalo is set to open 5 of its outdoor pools on Monday, July 1, 2024.

Where are Buffalo's Pools?

The five city pools that are on the verge of opening for the season are:

  • Centennial Outdoor Pool, 5 Porter Ave, Buffalo, 14201
  • Houghton Outdoor Pool, 1675 Clinton St, Buffalo, 14206
  • JFK Outdoor Pool, 114 Hickory St, Buffalo, 14204
  • Kensington Outdoor Pool, 665 Kensington Ave, Buffalo, 14215
  • Riverside Outdoor Pool, 2607 Niagara St, Buffalo, 14207

Kenmore and Tonawanda Pools Are Also Opening

Many towns and villages have public pools in the region, and the City of Buffalo isn't the only municipality opening its pools this summer.

The Village of Kenmore and the Town of Tonawanda are opening their pools this week. With three public pools available, they will be open for people to find ways to cool off:

  • Kenmore Pool, 255 Mang Ave, Kenmore, 14217
  • Lincoln Pool, 1200 Parker Blvd, Tonawanda, 14223
  • Mang Pool, 425 Mang Ave, Kenmore, 14217

10 Private Pools You Can Rent In Western New York

Here are some local pools you can rent by the hour to keep your cool this summer.

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