New YMCA in Lockport is now open
Its finally here and its huge.The brand new YMCA in Lockport is a 52 thousand square foot facility with just about everything you could think off. Its located at 5833 Snyder Drive and this plus has alot of stuff:
- Running track
-Two pools
-Full Gym
-Rock Climbing wall
This thing has a $16 million dollar…
Power 93.7 WBLK's Todd Anderson @ L.A. Fitness: Day 4
Well here's what Day 3 & 4 looked like at LA Fitness as I continue my journey to get in shape and lose weight!  Thanks for following my progress and if you'd like a FREE GUEST PASS just click on the link below the videos to get yours!
Gettin' In Shape w/ Todd: Day 2
Well Day # 2 consisted of Cardio (Elliptical), a few Back Exercises, & Swimming (2 Laps).
I'm still taking it easy due to the fact that I haven't done any consistent workout activity is forever.  I weighed myself yesterday and could not believe the scale reading of 248 lbs.!!!.…
Working Out Is Sometimes Hard To Do
We all probably wish we had more hours in the day to accomplish more of our daily goals, especially when it comes to working out!  I find that when I talk to people who are struggling to lose weight, the number one excuse for not working out is lack of time...
Kelly Rowland Stars in Ab Work Out [VIDEO]
In 2012 i'm going to post more things I LOVE, and Kelly Rowland is definitely one of those things in this world I LOVE. This is the latest video from Kelly Rowland and its not a “MUSIC VIDEO” she is a spokesperson for Sexy Abs. This will get you right for the summer…