WBLK will be helping MetroPCS celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of their Corporate Retail Store at 2521 Walden Avenue this Saturday, May 19 from Noon-2 pm.  The celebration includes FREE LUNCH from the Cheesy Chick Food Truck for the 1st 100 people, X-Box Gaming on a Huge Digital Screen, other activities, and to top everything off...we're giving away Post Malone Tickets for his upcoming Concert at Darien Lake on Saturday, May 26.

WATCH: (MetroPCS Senior Marketing manager Tara Kubalok's Invitation)

MetroPCS will honor it's Special Promotion this Saturday @ 2521 Walden between Noon - 2PM allowing you to sign up for Metro's impeccable service (I know it's impeccable because I've had it for the past 3 years), and after 2 months of keeping the service and TRYING IT OUT, they will give you a FREE $100 Visa Gift Card which will cover the 2 months that you tried the service.

I have a New MetroPCS Samsung S9 and let me tell you...the service is 2nd to NONE!  I DJ every weekend and depend on a WIFI Connection.  I use my Mobil Hotspot feature, and have been for the 3 years, with not a single glitch or problem... It's completely 100% FANTASTIC....not to mention a PHENOMENAL Camera.  I wouldn't any other service on this great new phone for anything...METRO PCS DEFINITELY HAS WIRELESS FIGURED OUT!


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(Post Malone Tickets shown are not necessarily the tickets which will be given away...the tickets are random)

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