I'm a Niagara Falls resident and I thought the Niagara Falls skunks were bad, but this stinks much worse.  According to News Reports, I've heard the blame is being placed on the Senecas as being the culprits of this ridiculous proposal.  However, I did see another News Report where a spokesperson for the Seneca's blamed Niagara Falls lack of fund to do Garbage correctly and efficiently, is based upon frivolous spending of millions of dollars the Senecas did relinquish.

I had a problem with what I heard Niagara Falls Councilman Andrew Touma say.  He was responding to people protesting the Garbage Fee Proposal and Touma pretty much said that the people can protest all they want, but 'this is my City' and that he would do what needed to be done for 'His' City.  Hmmmm.  I don't deem it fait that, because he's a Councilman and lives in Niagara falls, as I do, he gets to call the shots as if it IS HIS CITY and no one else's.  Well, it's my City too, technically, although I may not have been born here such as Mr. Touma may have been, but it is my City because I live here, spend money here, pay taxes, etc.

Well here's how Residents REALLY FEEL? 

Do you think there should be a Garbage Pick-Up Fee? (Comment below)

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