I've never been to jail and I have heard so many stories about this terrible place from it being so hot in the summer from all the steal doors or even the mis treatment of the inmates

The jail housed some inmates with short sentences, but it mainly served as a holding center for thousands of inmates awaiting trial.

WIth the infamous jail closing New York Concil also ruled in favor to open 4 smaller jail, 36-13 votes .

If you didn't know Rikers island complex has 10,000 beds and sits on an island in the middle of the East River between Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx Now the newer jails would only contain a total of 3,300 beds so it. is raising many question to meet the space Rikers has.

New York City says the inmate population has gone down from 11,000 since 2014, and it’s projected to be only 3,300 when the borough-based system begins. My only question is what if, What If crime rising and you need the rikers space. Fix it up why not? why waste Money?

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