Snow and rain are expected for the drive this afternoon, potentially creating a mess.

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Credit: WIVB

Temperatures have dropped and snow is expected this afternoon, according to WIVB. Rain is expected earlier in the day, turning to snow later.

"Taking into account some melting, light snow during the day will produce an inch or less in the metro, perhaps 1-3″ across the higher terrain south and east, maybe some isolated 4″ amounts. The better chance for accumulating Friday night."~WIVB

There will be some redemption on Saturday and Sunday. There's a zero percent chance of snow or rain this weekend, according to The Weather Channel. The temperature on Sunday will be close to 50 degrees, with a high expected of 49 degrees.

Next week the snow is expected to come back on Tuesday and Wednesday, so get out this weekend and enjoy the great weather while we have it!

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