According to Yelp, these are the top 10 restaurants in Buffalo.  Do you agree?

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  • 10

    Coco Bar & Bistro

    888 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14202

    Coco serves up burgers, pizza, salads and sandwiches. Items on the menu seems to be reasonably priced.

    "Nothing says "Welcome" like the owner at the hosting station when you walk in the door. Service begins at the door and the owner at Coco knows this and life at Coco is exactly as it should be." ~ Justin E. via Yelp

  • 9

    Fat Bob’s Smokehouse

    41 Virginia Place, Buffalo, NY 14202

    If you love BBQ, Fat Bob's serves it up!

    "Our menu items are made from scratch, down to the blue cheese dressing. It’s no wonder we’ve been voted the best barbecue in Buffalo." ~ Fat Bob's

  • 8

    The Black Sheep

    367 Connecticut Street, Buffalo, NY 14213

    The Black Sheep's menu is definitely eclectic. They offer BBQ pork nuggets, squash and chickpea curry, fried chicken and more.

    "The Black Sheep's concept revolves around handmade food, and friendly, knowledgeable service." ~ The Black Sheep

  • 7

    Osteria 166

    166 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY 14202

    Osteria 166's menu includes items like Buffalo calamari, the 8 oz. Wagyu burger and the Workingman's Dead pizza. You can also check out live music at Osteria.

    "The food came out fast and hot. This particular night there was a solo musician playing piano and guitar the name escapes me but he played very well. Good restaurant friendly customers and staff." ~ Greg G. via Yelp

  • 6

    Home Taste

    3106 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14217

    "I'm a little torn here as this local favorite seems to have remained a hidden gem and I kinda want to keep it that way but at the same time this place is SO GOOD." ~ Nicky R. via Yelp

  • 5


    437 Ellicott Street, Buffalo, NY 14203

    Toutant's menu includes lots of Cajun dishes, including gumbo, pork cracklins and of course, cornbread.

    "Toutant**(pronounced too-tawnt) offers contemporary country cuisine and libations, served in a comfortable, casual setting." ~ Toutant

  • 4

    Storming Crab

    4125 Maple Road, Buffalo, NY 14226

    If you're looking for Cajun seafood, the Storming Crab serves shrimp, lobster, mussels and of course crabs!

    "At Storming Crab, everything is prepared with high quality, rich taste and fresh food waiting for you to be served. Food in our restaurant are specially made for your taste and health that will capture and reach your expectations." ~ Storming Crab

  • 3

    Teton Kitchen Elmwood Tapas, Bar, & Sushi

    153 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14201

    Teton serves up items like Atlantic Mussles with Tom Yam Coconut Flavour Soup and Buta Kimchi.

    "This was my second visit to Teton for dinner. I honestly was not thrilled with the service my first time there but really enjoyed the food." ~ Mark F. via Yelp

  • 2


    534 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222

    Inizio offers Italian classics like Carbonara, gnocchi, and risotto.

    "Incredible. Everything that touched my palate was divine." ~ Jessica G. via Yelp

  • 1

    The Dapper Goose

    491 Amherst Street, Buffalo, NY 14207

    The Dapper Goose serves small plates, with unique choices, like blackened green beans, pork belly and ricotta toast.  The large plates menu includes Chilean sea bass and Korean fried chicken.

    "The food was amazing.  I can't even speak highly enough of the quality, taste and presentation of our meals." ~ Kerri M. via Yelp

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