Check out these movies and TV shows that are set in or reference Buffalo and WNY! As someone who is 'new' to Buffalo (my family lives here though, so I spent time here when I was younger), I was very surprised by how many movies star Buffalo or make reference WNY! Buffalo been on!

  • Superman II

    Superman II, which was released in 1980, stars Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman. Clark Kent is sent on assignment to Niagara Falls (it looks like it's filmed from the Canadian side), and turns into Superman to rescue a little boy who fell over the falls!

  • Murder, She Wrote

    While I was binge watching one of my favorite 'ol lady' shows, Murder, She Wrote, I heard Lackawanna and my ears perked up. Then I heard Buffalo dropped throughout the episode. Check it out!

  • The Long Kiss Goodnight

    Starring Samuel L. Jackson and Geena Davis, The Long Kiss Goodnight makes reference to a fictional situation in Niagara Falls!  According to Wiki, "Charly and Mitch learn about Daedalus' involvement in "Project Honeymoon", which she disrupted on her mission eight years earlier and resulted in One-Eyed Jack's incarceration; "Project Honeymoon" was a false flag chemical bomb detonation in downtown Niagara Falls, New York, planned out by the CIA, used to place blame on Islamic terrorists and to secure more funding and power for the department."

  • Bruce Almighty

    Bruce Nolan, played by Jim Carey, is a television field reporter for WKBW-TV here in Buffalo in the film! Although the movie was set in Buffalo, only establishing shots, aerial shots and visual effects plates were actually used, according to IMDB.  Here are some of the main shooting locations: San Diego, California, New York City and South Pasadena.

  • Best Friends

    This 1982 Rom-Com stars Goldie Hawn and Burt Reynolds!  For their honeymoon, they travel from California to the East Coast, with Buffalo being the first stop and of course they use a WNY winter stormas part of the comic relief!!

  • Henry's Crime

    Released in 2010, Henry's Crime, is about a toll collector who works on a Buffalo highway, who ends up robbing a Buffalo bank! Keanu Reeves plays the main character Henry Torne.

  • Queen City

    Obviously, the name kind of gives this one away, but yes, Queen City, was filmed and set in Buffalo!  Set in the 1980s and starring Vivica A. Fox, the movie is about two cops whose lives cross!

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