9 Million Gallons Of Sewage Flow Into Niagara River
They're saying that the Niagara Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant is just so old that is to blame for the mishap of 19 MILLION GALLONS of SEWAGE AND POOP going into the Niagara River.
With all the rain that we got the past week or so, it  pushed 19 million gallons of raw, partially treated s…
Up to 8″ Of Snow Is Expected Today + When Is It Going To End
Snow is on the way....again! The snow will be heaviest later this afternoon. Expect the ride home to extremely slow again.
But, don't think that the end is in sight. Although, the groundhog called for an early Spring, it looks like we have a couple more weeks of uneasy weather and potential snow…
This Thanksgiving could be the coldest in Buffalo History
So last week was we had one of the coldest Novembers days since 1922. Yes it was extremely cold and feeling like winter wonderland or more like the North Pole.According to WGRZ this Thanksgiving is shaping up to be the coldest in Buffalo since records have been kept...

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