Flood Watch In Effect in Western New York
Buffalo weather is wild, isn't it?
Over the weekend parts of Western New York hit 11 degrees and now we are going to hit 58 degrees as the high for Wednesday and even HIGHER temperatures are expected on Thursday which may get close to some local weather records...
Woah Check Out The Lake Cracking On This Video
This is one of those "no wayyyyy" reactions you will have today.
Some incredible footage of a giant sheet of ice cracking in a timelapse video on Lake Michigan has surfaced (see what I did there? lol) and it was all over the internet yesterday...
Buffalo’s Weather was Record-Setting in 2020
When you bump into someone out of town and you tell them that you are from Buffalo, NY they bring up two things: the Buffalo Bills and the weather.
It's like EVERYONE across the country knows that Western New York gets hit by snow pretty good...

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