I don't know if this is something to be proud of, but the first prisoner to be executed by the electric chair was from Buffalo, and let's just say practice makes perfect, which his electrocution was far from (he didn't die right away)! Find out who he was and about the grisly murder he committed!

The Chair
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William Kemmler of Buffalo had the honor of being the first person to be executed by electric chair. He probably deserved the electric chair experience he got, which was far from smooth, after hacking his wife, Tillie Ziegler to death with a hatchet on March 29, 1889! This is the stuff the ID channel is made of!

According to Murderpedia, he was a 'G' when it came time to get lit, literally! They say he didn't scream, cry or act out. He even is quoted as saying, "Gentlemen, I wish you luck. I'm sure I'll get a good place, and I'm ready."

They hit Kemmler with 1,000 volts generator, which seemed sufficient (they killed a horse with it, just to make sure)! Kemmler was electrocuted for 17 seconds, but witnesses said he was still breathing, which doctors confirmed! If you fail, try again, right? They gave the term 'turn up' to a different meaning, increasing the shock to 2,000 volts. The blood vessels under Kemmler's skin burst and bled and his body caught fire!

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