The most intriguing part of yesterday's 'Not-So-Super-Bowl', for me, was a Toyota commercial that started out talking about a young lady being too slow. too small, & too weak.  The commercial went on to say that this young woman had always been told she would never make it to the next level and would never inspire a generation ...and then the moment where my mouth was left wide open...the commercial said that this young lady had naysayers commenting that she would never get a Football Scholarship.  The commercial at this point showed a young African-American woman dancing and jumping up and down with excitement, celebrating.  It was plainly obvious the commercial was referring to a young woman receiving a scholarship to play College Football.  My immediate reaction was a verbal...WHAT!?  This story got even more amazing to me after Googling this young woman, only to find out that she could possibly become the 1st Female Professional Football Player in the National Football League (NFL) ... WOW.

Her name is Antoinette 'Toni' Harris, a 5-foot-7, 164-pound Detroit native who has broken the mold and shattered all stereotypes regarding a woman's ability to do what traditionally only men do.  Toni Harris plays defense as a free safety for East Los Angeles College in California and has now received a scholarship offer to play for Bethany College in Kansas, all of this according to ESPN.


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