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Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Champs? ESPN Thinks So
Most of Bills Mafia think the Bills will be Super Bowl Champions and it looks like the national media has caught up as well. ESPN ran over 20,000 simulations of the upcoming season and has given the Bills, the 3rd best odds of winning the Super Bowl.
Odds Of The Buffalo Bills Winning The Super Bowl in 2022
The schedule is out for the Buffalo Bills and the entire NFL and our team will see 4 primetime games this season including Thanksgiving night, two Monday night games and one Sunday night game against Tom Brady and the Bucs. The Bills schedule is not the easiest, but after a computer generated predictions, the Buffalo Bills still have a shot at the Super Bowl...
Here’s How Much It Will Cost You To Go To The Buffalo Bills Super Bowl
If you say it and put it out in the universe, it usually just happens in real life. So here we are. Putting it out there that the Buffalo Bills are going to be going to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles in 2022. The stadium in LA, SoFi Stadium, announced on Twitter this week that the Super Bowl is locked in for February 13, 2022...

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