Buffalo's adopted son went out of his way to make sure that Western New York knew that he had a lot of love and affection for the 716. At several points during the night at the It's All a Blur Tour – Big as the What? concert, Drake heaped praise on Buffalo.

One of those moments was extra special as Drake, who was completing performing God's Plan, started to talk about how he’s just a kid from Toronto who used to drive his mom's Chevy Malibu to Buffalo, and he really broke down how much doing this show in Buffalo means to him. Buffalo is where he has his memories from coming to the United States.

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Drake Gifts Buffalo Woman $25,000

During that moment, Drake was able to focus on a woman in the crowd who was holding a sign that caught his attention.

At that point, he stopped the show and directed the cameras to put the sign on the screen. The sign said: "Beat Stage 4 Cancer Just In Time For Drake Gods Plan."

XXL Magazine
XXL Magazine

Seeing that sign was an emotional moment for just about everyone inside KeyBank Center. The moment was so moving that Drake decided to give the young lady $25,000.

Once everyone recognized what happened, the young lady broke down in tears as the entire arena erupted in cheers.

Drake Has Given Many Gifts To People At Concerts

This gift to the woman in Buffalo wasn't the first time a large financial award was given to someone he'd interacted with.

Drake gave $100,000 to a woman at the Nashville show, $50,000 to a cancer survivor at the Pittsburgh show, along with countless others.

You can watch how it all happened here.

Times Drake Has Referenced His Relationship With Buffalo

Aubrey Drake Graham, the Canadian born rapper who goes by Drake, often reminds people how much Buffalo and Western New York supported him over the years. Here's a just a few occasions he's given the 716 a shoutout.

Gallery Credit: Ed Nice

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