Now that we're through the full NFL Season and have crowned a Super Bowl winner and Super Bowl MVP, players from all over the league have packed up their lockers and moved back to their permanent homes.

Some players go back to their hometowns, others have made their homes in other places, and sometimes players have fully adopted the city they play for. When that happens, it often means those players intertwine themselves into the community, becoming more than just football players but neighbors.

Having a pro football player in a neighborhood has its benefits. Not only does it mean that you likely live in a pretty nice neighborhood, considering the average NFL salary is $2.8 million per year, but it also means you have a pretty cool person in your hood.

So, with that said, who do you think is people's first choice if they could select their very own NFL neighbor?

What NFL Football Player Do Americans Want As Their Neighbor?

The real estate marketplace company Zillow, which does tons of research surrounding housing trends, did a recent survey asking that exact question, and I have to say I was not surprised by the result.

The online survey, which The Harris Poll conducted in January, surveyed adults 18 and older to determine who would grab the most coveted spot for the top neighbor, and after compiling the results, it seems that Travis Kelce is the favorite choice. It's not hard to see why, considering he has a superstar girlfriend who likely would come over to hang out and that he helped his team with another Super Bowl.

The top 5 vote-getters are some big-time NFL names, which include Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, and Buffalo's Josh Allen. The survey also gave people the option to select from broadcasters, and even past half-time show performers.


Not that it matters to us in Western New York; we all know who we would want as our neighbor.

Good ole QB1 himself, JA17.

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