Back in the day, Buffalo used to have a professional basketball team.  This year, you're going to have a chance to see them honored in the NBA.

The Buffalo Braves entered the NBA as an expansion team in 1970. But it didn't last long in Buffalo.

In 1978, The Braves relocated to San Diego.and it was renamed the Clippers.

Now, that the Clippers are in LA, they've decided to give a nod to the place where they came from.  They are adding an additional jersey to their rotation this year.  The logo may look familiar to some Buffalo faithful who remember the team.

How cool is that?  It's not often that a team that is trying to create their own identity will throw it back to where they came from.  This is a very classy move and might bring a few new fans to the Clippers.  Just be careful...if you're getting Buffalo fans, you have to be prepared for them.  They're pretty passionate!


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