Parents, guardians, and friends, as summer unfolds, The Resource Council of Western New York remains dedicated to keeping your youth active, engaged, and away from negative influences. This summer they have announced their upcoming COACH 5-on-5 Basketball Tournament, designed to create opportunities and access to coaching and healing for young basketball enthusiasts in our community.



COACH, which stands for Creating Opportunities and Access to Coaching and Healing, invites kids of all skill levels to participate. Held two nights a week, this tournament not only fosters basketball skills but also provides a safe and supportive environment for our youth to thrive.


Beyond basketball, they offer snacks, treats, and wraparound support for participant families. Counseling services are also available for those in need of guidance or a listening ear, ensuring every child can enjoy their summer to the fullest.


Join the Resource Council of Western New York in making this summer memorable for our youth. Whether you're dropping off a team or hanging out with the kids, COACH 5-on-5 Basketball Tournament promises fun, growth, and community spirit. Let's empower our young people and nurture their potential while creating lasting memories together.


Sign up your basketball-loving kids today and contribute to a summer of positivity and growth. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our youth! Register here


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