Buffalo Kid Headed to the NBA
Looks like we are all going to start cheering for the Bucs a little bit more if we were not already!
Western New York native Jordan Nwora, who went to Park School is headed to Milwaukee to play for the Bucs!
He was drafted last night in the second round of the NBA draft as the 45th overall selection..…
Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns Fight, Kinda LOL
Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns got into a some what heated scuffle In the third quarter of the Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Philadelphia 76ers game on Wednesday , leading to ejections for both. Can't really call it a fight it was more like two extra tall Giraffes hugging under a tree.
Drake Receives Raptors Championship Ring
Winning any championship whether its peewee, high school, college , professional sports, or even on a video game is a great feeling. However to get a ring you usually have to be on the team to reap those types of rewards. Unless your Drake; he received a Raptors championship ring without having to d…
Michael Jordan Opens a Health Care Clinic's That Will Serve..
Michael Jordan was my favorite player in the NBA growing up but what he just did for low income families in my eyes is worth more then the six championships, the multiple game winning shots, or any other accomplishments he achieved while in the NBA because the list definitely goes on...
JaVale McGee Fakes An Injury So He Can Score In Preseason
When I saw this play out live I couldn't believe it and since its been trending on twitter ever since it happened I guess you couldn't believe it happened also.
So during the Lakers last preseason game against the Golden State Warriors JaVale McGee faked a knew injury and walked out of boun…

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