Well here's some Irony for you:  You CAN'T kneel in protest of racism and unfair treatment of African-Americans by the Police in America, during the playing of the National Anthem ..,. because it's said to be an Offense to the Military ... HOWEVER ... you're banned from walking across the stage and receiving your Diploma along with your classmates during Graduation from Orchard Park School, according to a WGRZ News Report.

The final lesson learned here is that Protesters cannot disrespect the Flag by choosing to kneel during the National Anthem in protest of American Racism, while you're also in trouble for Honoring the Flag and Military (since they both go hand in hand) by wearing attire that represents our Country, our Military, the American Flag.

What are your thoughts?  Should Students, Going Into the Military, Be Allowed to Wear Military Garb During Graduation Ceremonies? Take the Poll (below).

Here's The FULL STORY :

According to WGRZ News,

Orchard Park senior Dillon Donovan "had to leave early" because he was wearing his United States Marine Corps sash at graduation Saturday. 

This is NOT the First Time this has happened..WATCH:


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