I recently talked with some people about the dreaded phone calls that everyone hates. These phone calls are happening now more than ever. I have gotten a few calls myself recently. There are a few contributing factors to why these calls are so hard to stop. The first reason is that the service that provides Robocalls are not that expensive for companies considering the number of calls and the number of people that can be reached with the service.

Another reason the calls are so hard to stop is if don't register yourself with the national do not call list, there is no guarantee that you can legally do anything about it. There have been some settlements received by some creative people that outsmarted the Robo callers on the other end of the line by threatening them with attorney fees.

Why Are Robocalls On The Rise Anyway?

Well, since the pandemic many call centers are shut down due to social distancing rules, so getting automated messages will be a thing many residents can expect for a while until things are fully open. another reason is scammers can set up their fraudulent operations without much hassle because of the inexpensive cost of the Robocall service.

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There is new legislation being passed that will extend the statute of limitation on illegal robocalls, which will buy more time for investigators to build criminal cases. I think this will help in stopping these annoying calls because anytime a company can face big fines, they make think twice about this illegal business of robocalls.

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