There is a lot of hype right now surrounding the Buffalo Bills as training camp is on the way and talks of a new stadium. The latest excitement is for the new Josh Allen 6-year extension deal worth $258 million. There are not many Buffalo Bills fans that do not believe he is not worth at least that much if not more. Now, the big news is all about the latest Forbes report. According to, the Buffalo Bills are valued at over $2B, which is up 11% after the pandemic.

Would you believe that number is still very low compared to other franchises in the NFL? as a matter of fact, that is the lowest in the NFL. Just to give you a few teams, the Dallas Cowboys are valued at over $6 Billion, the New England Patriots are valued at $5 Billion, and the New York Giants are valued at over $4 Billion. Only the Cincinnati Bengals are ranked as low as the Buffalo Bills, but they are just ahead of the Bills by a little coming in at $2.275 Billion.

That is still very good considering, Terry and Kim Pegula bought the Bills for 1.4 billion back in 2014. I think it's pretty fair to say it would be hard for the Bills franchise to leave Buffalo. Just like many people here in our city, I'm really looking forward to another great season. The Buffalo Bills have made some really big moves in the off-season in my opinion, now it's just time to see how they pay off.

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