I was just recently talking with friends about how frustrating getting those annoying robocalls is. Companies use a service that can send thousands of calls out in minutes, and the service is really not expensive at all considering the number of people that they reach with the service. According to WGRZ, people have settled for thousands of dollars from telemarketing companies from unwanted calls.

When Is Using Robocalls Legal?

Robocalls can be used by debt collectors or if you opt-in to receive calls from your doctor's office or from your kid's school to be informed of upcoming events or notices. Also, political or charitable groups are still allowed to call.

How Can You Get Paid From Robocalls?

The first thing you have to do is register your information on the National Do Not Call Registry. This registry allows people to stop unwanted sales calls from telemarketers to their homes or cell phones. The next thing you want to do is, answer the phone call instead of blocking or ignoring it, what you want to do is, act like you are interested in anything that they are selling. What you are trying to do by keeping them on the phone is get the companies name, website and, address.

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Why Do You Want To Do This?

Doc Compton is a self-proclaimed consumer credit expert that created his own toolkit that walks people through step by step on how to make money on these robocalls. Doc Compton says, the next thing you do is, send a demand letter to the company that says " I'm going to give you the opportunity to settle so this doesn't end up in court and your phone records and business practices-all of them illegal- don't end up a matter of public record".

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