More people seem to be falling in line with finally getting vaccinated, although there has been an increase in cases due to the new Delta variant, overall, I hear more people talking about being vaccinated now than ever before. This is going to be even more important going forward because the number of people that believe that they still carry antibodies can't really be sure of that. According to drugmaker Moderna says that it has seen the COVID-19 vaccine's antibody levels decline over time. This is the reason the drugmaker believes that people who received two shots of the vaccine, will need a booster shot before winter.

The company had a recent second-quarter presentation, where there was a lot of information given.

We believe that the increased force of  infection resulting from Delta, non-pharmaceutical intervention(NPI) fatigue, and seasonal effects (moving indoors) will lead to an increase of breakthrough infections in vaccinated indiviuals

The drugmaker COVID-19 shot is about 93% through the first six months after the second dose. I think that it is going to be very important that people get all the correct information and stay on top of the vaccinations, this can be a bit confusing for some people especially for people that already had reservations about getting the first shot.

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Moderna is currently developing several vaccines that will be used to fight against the flu, Zika, and HIV plus a few other things as well. These vaccines are in the beginning stages of being tested.


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