I get so excited Seeing the hate that everyone has against Lebron James. Game 1 of the NBA Finals is in full effect! What team are you going for? Warriors or The Cavs. My Prediction for the finals is that Warriors drop the ball in game 3.  Cleveland had an historic comeback last year I would assume the warriors have learned from there mistakes from the past season to understand the dynamic of this team. BUT the warriors have been better with working the ball in. So this might be one of the greatest final game season seeing how Cleveland kept everybody in the core. Im team Cavs This year Golden State Does not do me any justice this year. The Progress And Work Lebron has put in is mind blowing. Not just talking Lebron but Also Curry inside the paint, 3 point shot is crazy. This will be an ultimate showdown that will test who is really better Year two.

Dj Wire Will be covering the game during his show so if you are at work with no tv don't worry Wire has you with the scores.

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