This is being considered a huge breakthrough regarding COVID-19 testing developed by Yale University, funded by the NBA, and the National Basketball Players Association was approved on Saturday according to USA Today.   This could possibly put an end to the test some of us have experienced and others have heard of whereas a lig swab is inserted into your nasal passage, which some say feels like it's inserted so far into your nose that it feels like your brain has been touched.  It doesn't sound inviting, however, a simple saliva test is extremely less concerning.

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The National Basketball Association should be recognized for their motivation regarding funding the Yale research's what“ Nathan Grubaugh, assistant professor at the Yale School of Public Health, said, according to USA Today.

"In talking to our partners at the NBA, we heard from them that in addition to finding less invasive testing solutions for its players and staff, there is a strong desire on their part to give back to the public and especially help low-income communities, so it became immediately clear that our interests were aligned."

While reporting this news, I discovered several other sources and trials for COVID-19 testing, however, the Yale developed SalvaDirect matched other saliva testing methods at a rate of 88%-94%, according to public health expert Andy Slavitt as reported in USA Today, and was FDA approved, which seemingly is the only Salva test that's been FDA approved, if I'm understanding correctly


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