As reported yesterday, Former Congressman Chris Collins' legal representatives requested a 5-week delay before Collins would have to go to prison, as scheduled, on March 17.  The request was for Collins to not have to begin his 26-month prison sentence until April 21st, according to a WGRZ news report.  The report states that the Honorary Vernon S. Broderick made the decision.

Despite the decision by Judge Broderick, there seems to be a technical stipulation that could make his decision null and void.  I say 'seems' based on the fact that Collins legal representation, Baker Hostetler, said the following of the paperwork he filed to delay Collin's imprisonment (according to the WGRZ report):

"has not yet been processed into the (Bureau of Prisons) system.  However, with only 18 days until Mr. Collins' original report date, it appears that there is a significant risk that designation will not occur in time," according to the paperwork.

The designation spoken of is relative to Collins wanting his imprisonment to be near his home in Florida.

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