Tantrum - When a child screams at the top of their lungs, kickin' and layin' out on all over the floor, and refuses to get up, in the middle of a crowded store ... because YOU wouldn't buy them whatever they wanted!  What would you do?

Well, whatever your answer, it's NOT ALLOWED while riding on Darien Lake's newest investment ... it's called ' TANTRUM' and all you can do to stop it once it starts is HOLD ON TIGHT UNTIL THE TANTRUM IS OVER!

According to ultimaterollercoaster.com, Darien Lake's last new Roller Coaster was the Motocoaster, a Steel Coaster built 10 years ago in 2008 and still operating at Darien Lake to date.  According to the website, this new Tantrum is 100 feet tall and features a vertical 95 degree drop....YIKES!

Here, take a look:

Here's a List of all 2018 Darien Lake's 8 Roller Coasters, according to ultimaterollercoaster.com: 

  • Tantrum - Steel - 2018
  • Motocoaster - Steel - 2008
  • Ride of Steel - Steel - 1999
  • Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Steel - 1998
  • Mind Eraser - Steel - 1997
  • Predator - Wood- 1990
  • Viper - Steel - 1982
  • Hoot n Holler - Steel - 1981

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