Do Police Officers realize that their line of work can greatly impact a person's life?  The very thought of being stopped by the Police is an unnerving experience.  Actually, being pulled over or confronted by a Police Officer is terrifying.

According to News Reports, two Female Police Officers in Roswell, GA seemed to ignore any of the above and literally 'played' and 'clowned' and 'laughed' regarding a woman's fate after pulling the lady over (as you'll see in the video).  The two Officers determined whether the woman would go to jail, or not, by FLIPPING A COIN!

Can't Believe It?  WATCH:

It seems Police Training is again overlooked.  This is not as serious as situation where Officers have used a firearm and have ultimately taken a life, but the mentality seems similar in that there seems to be no respect or compassion for Human Life.  Does Police training condition Officers in this manner?  I think this is sad and obviously very inappropriate.

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