Man Attacks Autistic Boy!
Racism comes in many forms...the most disturbing, unhealthy and frightening form of it is when the person carrying it out doesn't even realize they're racist,
If you're not from Rochester, NY (which I happen to be) and you're reading this, you're probably not familiar with Pi…
Stabbing at local Kmart
According to WVB, Alexandra Harris, 29, from Niagara Falls has been charged with first degree assault after stabbing another woman in the face during a fight at  Kmart in Niagara County.
Harris is due back in court July 5th. The victim was taken to ECMC...
Robbery Suspect Arrested
Why people do CRAZY stuff like this is beyond me...well, on 2nd it doesn't...considering the area in which this took place.  The area near bailey & lovejoy is Crime & Prostitute FILLED it makes sense.
Prostitute Tries Robbing Cop
As there's a Buffalo Police initiative to end prostitution in certain areas of the WNY city, one "sting operation" didn't go so smoothly as an altercation ensued between an officer and a male prostitute, and it was all caught on video!
Moesha Star Arrested
You may remember him as 'Myles' on Moesha, a hit show in the 90s, but recently you may notice him for all the wrong reasons; His run Ins with the law. More trouble for the TV star.
Did He Apologize To Cops or Nah?
Before taking the field against Cincinnati, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins wore a T Shirt in protest of the police shootings of Ohio's own Tamir Rice and John Crawford. Now Cleveland Police want an apology from the Browns organization, see what they got instead!

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