If the lyrics in their music isn't enough ignorance for you, you can just turn the channel and tune into their personal lives.  You think I'm joking?

The two most prominent Hip-Hop Artists, representing the African-American and Hispanic Cultures, and the two most influential 'women' in the music industry, with respect to young African-American girls in the U.S., next to Beyonce, chose Ignorance over Integrity and Decency at a New York Fashion Show Party.

The question I always ask myself is, how in the world do two women, of any Race or Culture, get rewarded for spewing out the most ignorant and filthy lyrics one could imagine coming out of any women's mouth?  And then we're surprised when these people choose to be ignorant in public.  Well I'm not at all surprised.  What surprises me is all the support and accolades for these women who are clearly NOT a great example for young African-American girls and women.

Here's the Proof of Ignorance:


More of the same from Cardi B in a Letter she posted on Social Media:

You Tube / Bingeworthy
You Tube / Bingeworthy


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