Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns Fight, Kinda LOL
Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns got into a some what heated scuffle In the third quarter of the Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Philadelphia 76ers game on Wednesday , leading to ejections for both. Can't really call it a fight it was more like two extra tall Giraffes hugging under a tree.
When Keeping It "Real" Goes Wrong A Blender  vs Happy Meals
I say when keeping it real goes wrong but honestly the "real" thing to do would have been to file a complaint with cooperate and not throw food at an employee from McDonald's. Even if you order was wrong you can't tell people how to react after you violate them.
DaBaby's Security Knocks Out Female Fan
Now we all know "Big Momma" said keep your hands to yourself. Well I guess this one eager fan forgot that childhood lesson and Kane who is DaBaby's security guard doesn't give warnings as he reminds her.
I don't know why the female grabbed DaBaby or why she took a swi…
Jail Time For "Pudding Fight" - Young Dro 
I ran across this story via tmz but couldn't help but laugh. Now don't get me wrong domestic violence is never a laughing matter. However, allegedly Young Dro's girlfriend hit him in the head with a cell phone and he allegedly smashed banana pudding in her face...
Hip Hop Beef
It was just in an interview that Remy Ma mentioned" If I am talking about you in a song you will know.....I will say your name, your mother name.....etc" She went on to make it clear that if she ever had a problem with you, she would let you know...
Canalside Fight Raises Questions About Teens and Respect
I'm trying hard to imagine myself growing up as a teenager and fighting with another individual in public, broad daylight and embarrassing myself.
However, rather than public fights being embarrassing these days, public fights among youth is the only acceptable means of handling conflict...

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