Police in the town of Hamburg is warning residents in the town and across Western New York about a car theft ring operating in the area.

The Hamburg Police department posted a warning on their Facebook page warning residents about an active car theft ring. They are warning residents to make sure they keep their car locked when they are not around, not to leave their car running with the keys in it, and always make sure you are aware of their surroundings.

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The Hamburg police announced that several cars have been already stolen in the Erie County area.

Area police departments have announced that over the past 18 months, car thefts have increased across Western New York. In 2021, The Buffalo Police department announced that stolen car rates increased by over 70% from 2020.

On average anywhere between 200-300 cars are stolen each year in Western New York.

So what should you do if your car gets stolen? Libertymutal.com has several steps you should take.

  1. Call the police immediately
  2. Contact your car insurance company
  3. Be prepared for the possibility the car may not be returned
  4. Make sure to inspect your car if it's returned
  5. Keeping your vehicle protected in the future

You should also make sure that you know all your vehicles' information and have that information somewhere besides inside your vehicle. Here is the information that most police departments will need to try and track down your vehicle.

  • Make, model, year, and color of your car
  • Any distinct features of your car
  • License plate number
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Information about your GPS or tracking system, if you have one
  • Where and when you last saw your car

If you have any questions or see something that doesn't seem right, contact your local police department.

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