Imagine sitting down to eat at a restaurant one day and legally and legitimately saying to your Waiter, 'can I have a Burger with some Weed on the side please'.  Well, no need to imagine as 'one day' has come.  Introducing Lowell Café in West Hollywood, California, which according to news sources, is the very 1st Cannabis Restaurant in America.


Lowell Herb Co. (Lowell Farms), was the chosen entity to be 'licensed to serve both food and marijuana products', according to news sources,

Lowell Herb Co CEO and Founder, David Elias, said this:

“A place for public cannabis consumption was a natural next step for Lowell Herb Co. For us, this signifies the real end of cannabis prohibition in California. This restaurant is a historic moment for the cannabis movement, and in steering the normalization of the plant for the country as a whole. As the first of its kind, we want to make sure we do this right and set a good example for the industry. We are humbled to be leading the way.”

...and look at who the Company hired as Chef to create great dishes at the restaurant:

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