With New York State decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana possession, use, and sales, we've seen an increase in the types of products that are available to people in the Empire State. Those products include all sorts of things that didn't use to exist until recently.

Some of those products, edibles like snacks and gummies, are starting to show up in places they don't belong and where some people have been worried about.

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WGRZ-TV recently reported about a 5th grader in a West Seneca middle school was apparently brought a bag of candies that contained THC and was passing the candy out to classmates.

Earlier this week, a fifth-grade student brought THC-laced “candy” into the school and offered it to classmates. We became aware of this matter toward the end of the school day and immediately began investigations involving our school nurse and School Resource Officer.
-Matthew Bystrak, Superintendent of West Seneca Central Schools

It's not immediately clear where the middle schooler got the edibles from or what their intent was when passing the candy out to their classmates. School officials and the West Seneca Police Department are investigating the circumstances around how the 5th grader got the candy.

Also in response to this, West Seneca school officials are also planning to host a series of substance abuse and drug awareness events in schools to make sure kids and adults know about the proper use of legal drugs, along with the dangers of illegal drug use.

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