Some are dissatisfied with the final outcome of an on-going trial, which is now finally over, and some are more than satisfied with a Judge's decision to acquit Officer Joseph Hassett of any wrong - doing relative to an incident awhile back where Hassett was accused of purposely tripping an inmate inside the City Lock-Up as he was escorting the inmate.

Timothy Staton is the inmate who was involved in this incident and according to News Reports, his Attorney Roland Cercone, had this to say: 

"Today's verdict does not preclude me from going forward or hinder our prosecution of a civil case. Quite frankly I'm just as confident today in what will be the outcome of the case. The video does speak for itself."

On the other hand, Joseph Hassett's Attorney, Tim Hoover said this:

"Officer Hassett was properly trained, acted in accord with his training, and the result was the use of force which was very limited was reasonable." We put on a strong case not just the video, an expert witness and our client testified for the defense. He was credible, believable, and again as we said from day one, he didn't do anything wrong. He's innocent."

Well, what's your take on this whole situation? (you can comment in the 'Comment Section' below)


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