Undoubtedly, police officers all over America have a difficult job. They're tasked with protecting and serving their communities and often have to do it from a disadvantaged position due to the day's politics. To help do their jobs, officers are given some latitude to act and make decisions that can sometimes have devastating consequences.

While we have many examples of officers acting honorably, we've also seen them not doing so. Lately, we've seen several examples of officers behaving badly, and now it seems we have another example to add to the list.

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It's so bad that Erie County District Attorney John J. Flynn announced in February felony charges against a retired Buffalo Police Officer who's accused of shooting a 14-year-old kid.

Retired BPD Officer Arrested and Indicted For Shooting Teenager

Antonio Roman, a 65-year-old retired BPD officer, was arrested, indicted, and charged with two felonies for allegedly shooting a teenager. Roman was charged with one count of First Degree Assault and one count of First Degree Reckless Endangerment after firing his weapon.

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According to the District Attorney, Roman suspected a teenager was in the parking lot trying to steal his car on the morning of Thursday, February 8, 2024, when he opened fire on the kid, hitting him in the leg.

The teen was rushed to the Oishei Children’s Hospital via ambulance for treatment and surgery.

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Roman, who was interviewed by WKBW-TV, said that he was acting in self-defense and felt that he was in the right.

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In a press conference, the District Attorney disagreed with that assessment, essentially saying Roman acted recklessly.

The allegations here are that the 14-year-old boy was coming out from behind a truck, had a little screw driver in his hand, and the defendant allegedly shot first and asked questions later... We can't have that in our society. You can't have individuals take the law in their own hands and use deadly physical force.
-John Flynn, Erie County District Attorney

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