The last several months have seen the City of Buffalo seeking to improve various programs, services, and departments.

Whether it's upgrading the local community center or buying new snow-fighting equipment, this trend to modernize and improve operations in New York State's second-largest city is a good thing.

According to city officials, one upgrade recently approved for the Buffalo Police Department by the Buffalo Common Council is much needed and will ultimately result in a better operating and better-trained police department.

Buffalo Police Department Planning to Purchase New Firearms and Holsters for Officers

The Buffalo Common Council recently approved the BPD to spend $354,700 to outfit every officer in the department with new firearms.

The department, which has more than 800 sworn officers, detectives, and commanders, is making the upgrade for several reasons, according to documents they filed with the Common Council. One of the primary reasons they cite is cost.

Officers in the department are all currently issued 40-caliber firearms, and the cost of .40-caliber ammunition has risen significantly over the last few years. By trading in their .40 cal. guns and purchasing firearms that use 9 mm ammunition will greatly decrease the cost of training and maintenance.

BPD Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia told the Buffalo News last week that the department can acquire about 20,000 more rounds of ammo for what they're currently spending on .40-caliber ammo.

The purchase would also outfit every officer in the department with new holsters with technology that would automatically turn on an officer's body camera if their weapon is drawn from the holster.

City officials have applied for a grant from New York State that, if approved, would cover around $100,000 of the cost. The police department has said that additional funds would come from the City's budget and some of the department's asset forfeiture fund balance.

What do you think? Is this an appropriate use of funds for the city?

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