There was a tragedy in Buffalo as 10 people were killed in a mass shooting at a Tops grocery store downtown. Athletes from Buffalo and beyond are sending their love and support.

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The Story

Buffalo Police says it occurred at the Tops on Jefferson Avenue in the City of Buffalo on Saturday afternoon. 10 people were killed and 3 were injured. They are thankfully in stable condition.

The shooter was reportedly racially motivated and traveled from several hours away to carry out the attack. Buffalo Police have the shooter in custody. Buffalo Police Chief Joseph Gramaglia says the shooter is 18 years old and got out of his car and started shooting those outside the store, including inside the store.

The white house has been briefed, and New York Governor Kathy Hochul is coming to Buffalo immediately.

Buffalo Gets Outpouring of Support

Buffalo is nicknamed, "the city of good neighbors." People here lookout for one another through the best and worst of times. The shock and sadness of this terrible tragedy will resonate for a long time, but will never keep them down. You can see that simply by how many people have tweeted out their love, prayers, and support. That includes the Buffalo Bills and Sabres members and the teams themselves.

A little-known thing by the rest of the world is that when a lot of pro athletes move here, they may be nervous at first, but they quickly grow to love it. Yes, you've heard the comments about snow and cold and all that. The truth is it's a wonderful place to be and live. That's why athletes often make their permanent homes in Western New York.

Josh Allen, Stephon Diggs, Thurman Thomas, and even other organizations have all sent out their support for Buffalo. Check it out:

Buffalo Mass Shooting: Multiple Fatalities

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