As we get closer to the second anniversary of the tragic event that left Buffalo and Western New York forever changed, more information is becoming known about some of the events being planned for the region.

People from all over the United States are expected to travel to Buffalo to commemorate and honor the lives that were lost and impacted during the mass shooting that occurred in Buffalo just about two years ago.

One group has a dynamic slate of events on deck for people to do just that, and they are doing it in honor of a Buffalo-born hero who died on May 14, 2022.

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Aaron Salter, Jr., a retired Buffalo Police Officer with more than 30 years of dedication to Buffalo, was working as an armed security guard at the Tops Market on Jefferson Ave. when the mass shooter opened fire on the grocery store. Salter, who stood his ground and did his best to defend and protect the people of Buffalo, tragically died after being shot by the domestic terrorist. If you ask any people who knew Salter, they would tell you they would expect nothing less from him. He is a genuine Buffalo-born hero.

Family of Aaron Salter, Jr.
Family of Aaron Salter, Jr.

In that vein, some friends and family have started Legacy 514. Earl Perrin, Jr., Brad Pitts, Vernon Beaty, Simmone Talford, and others have joined together to create an organization to carry on Buffalo's good work in the name of those lost. In addition to remembering them, the group seeks to bring Buffalonians together to make the 716 a better place and raise funds in Salter's honor to offer scholarships to Buffalonians.

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To help achieve those goals, Legacy 514 has several events scheduled around May 14th and beyond to keep Buffalo moving forward.

  • Saturday, May 11, 2024 - 514 5K & 1/2 Marathon
  • Sunday, June 23, 2024 - Bruce Smith Legacy 514 Celebrity Gala
  • Monday, June 24, 2024 - Bruce Smith Celebrity Golf Tournament

These are just a few of the great things happening in Buffalo to keep the legacy of the people alive. Earl Perrin, Jr. and Brad Pitts came on air to talk more about what motivates them and why it's important for Buffalo to know what's happening. You can find a few excerpts of the conversation below.

What's the mission of Legacy 514, and what is the group here to do?

The scholarship is supported by your events, what do you have scheduled for 514?

How can people find more information about the scholarship and everything you have scheduled?

Community Gathering for Reflection, Healing, and Hope in Buffalo

Several hundred people descended upon filled More than 16,000 people piled into the Johnnie B Wiley Amateur Athletic Sports Pavilion on Jefferson Ave to focus on reflection, healing, and hope in response to the aftermath of that terrible act of domestic terrorism. The Community Gathering for Reflection, Healing, and Hope occured on Saturday, May 13, 2023. It featured entertainment and activities to help honor the lives that were lost and impacted during the mass shooting in Buffalo 1 year ago.

Gallery Credit: Ed Nice

Photo's From Arts for Healing

More than 100 young adults gathered a few blocks from the Jefferson Avenue Tops Markets to promote healing, wellness, and coping skills through artistic expression.

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