In the nearly two years that have passed since a domestic terrorist drove to Western New York and forever changed our lives, community members and government officials have been hard at work trying to repair the damage that was done on May 14, 2022, on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo.

To help honor the lives of the ten people who were lost and three people who were shot, members of Buffalo's 5/14 Memorial Commission have been soliciting members of the community to submit ideas and design concepts for a fitting permanent memorial to commemorate those impacted by this unthinkable tragedy.

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While the specific location of the memorial hasn't been set yet, it is expected to cost around $15 million to fully develop and bring to fruition.

Commission members have selected three finalists from the more than 20 submissions received. These will receive a $10,000 stipend to help them develop and create a three-dimensional simulation of their design.

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  • Finalist 1: Watts Architects & Engineers
    • Our approach for our team’s design proposal is to shine a light on the stories and experiences of the lives stolen and affected on 5/14/22 by creating a space for remembrance that is respectful to the families of the victims. We are honored to be part of this process to date.
      -Ed Watts Jr. President of Watts Architects & Engineers
  • Finalist 2: Jin Young Song and Douglass Alligood
    • We believe in the inherent power of ‘design’—its unique capability to elevate awareness, mobilize communities, stimulate intellect, and ultimately incite meaningful action. Working together with families, community members, and the 5/14 Memorial Commission, we aim to produce an agency for social justice, healing, and remembrance, not only for our time but also for audiences nationwide and future generations.
      -Jin Young Song and Douglass Alligood
  • Finalist 3: Beehyyve, L3
    • We are beyond ecstatic and extremely grateful that our initial design concept resonated with the board and for the opportunity to participate in the second design phase for the 5/14 Memorial Commission. Our goal as Architects is to do good work, with good people for good reasons and there isn’t a more worthy cause nor a more deserving community to work for than the citizens of Buffalo, NY.
      -Kristen E. Locke, AIA Beehyyve NC PLLC

These firms and individuals will present their final designs that meet the outlines set forth by the Commission and the families of the victims; some of those features will show the final memorial in a park-like landscape, with at least one fully enclosed building, along with some interpretative, artistic, or educational structures and designated areas for temporary and permanent art installations.

The final design submissions are due by April 22, 2024, and the results of this phase should be available shortly after. You can view copies of the submissions and learn more about the 5/14 Memorial Commission right here.

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