The Buffalo Bills are in the playoffs and Bills fans all over Western New York are excited about actually being one of the limited amounts of people in the stands to cheer on our Buffalo Bills as they pursue their quest for an AFC championship.

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According to WGRZ, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz says, if the State and the Bills are going to proceed with having fans in the stands, he will need to know fairly quickly, hopefully by Wednesday at the latest.

I originally said on behalf of the county we felt we could get 7000 people, which is about ten percent of the capacity, in safely. We were concerned about tailgating and that's why the Bills in their proposal agreed not to have tailgating, basically, you can just come in and go to the stadium.

said, Mark Poloncarz according to WGRZ.

There had been talks by the state before Christmas, to try testing 6700 fans before entry into the stadium, which seemed to frustrate Mark Poloncarz, because he wasn't in the loop. Now the County Executive seems to be more on board with the plan because the Buffalo Bills or the state will have to provide the testing.

There have been other NFL teams that allowed a limited number of fans in the stands like Cleveland, and to this point, there have been no reports of fans contracting the virus from being at the football game.

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