According to WIVB, there is a program set up to help small businesses get through the COVID-19 pandemic, right now, the program is not helping as many businesses here in Erie County as it intended to help.

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The "Back To Business" program that was set up here in Erie County, using $19 million from the CARES act, but there is only a small fraction of the business that applied for the program that will get a piece of the money.

According to WIVB, one business owner from Grand Island was just recently informed that his business is not one of the businesses that will be receiving part of the grant.

I was excited at first because my pandemic unemployment is a very low rate, it is the state minimum, and it is about to run out this month

said, Steven Supparits according to WIVB.

There has only been about a fourth of the business that applied for funding, a little over 1300, that had been approved, the approval process was turned over to 43 North, which is a local agency that recruits and promotes start-up businesses here in Erie County. According to WIVB, County Executive Mark Poloncars describe some of the criteria in the decision-making process.

A spokesperson from 43North said there will be a report later this month that should bring more clarity to the decision making process.

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