It's been a long time since the Buffalo Bills have held the title "AFC Champions" as a matter of fact, it has been 25 years. All the excitement of the Buffalo Bills winning is bringing the "Bills Mafia" to the local apparel stores all around Western New York.

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According to WGRZ, one local business is really happy about the Buffalo Bills' success. Nate Morz is the owner of The BFLO Store and despite the pandemic, the business has been really doing well as a result of the Bills' winning games.

In the spring obviously, we had to shut down there was certainly some concern over the holiday time, not knowing if we could stay open or not and what time looked like. Now because of the Buffalo Bills win, Playoff merchandise is flying off the shelves, I'm less concerned about the holiday numbers.

said Note Morz, according to WGRZ.

There are local businesses all over Western New York having success in sales of Bills' gear and even in the restaurant take out business as well, I have never seen a football game without some kind of takeout, pizza, and wings, especially here in Buffalo.

I personally love the positive energy that's in the community right now, we love our football team here in Buffalo, whether they're winning or losing, but it's definitely more fun when the time is winning.

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