The feeling of euphoria that cascaded across Western New York after the Buffalo Bills absolutely destroyed the New England Patriots 47-17 on Super Wild Card Weekend is going to last for a few more days here in Buffalo.

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The loss, which was the Patriots' second-worst loss ever during the Bill Belichick era, has sent shock waves through the AFC East.  But as it turns out in New England, there are some that are still in denial when it comes to the state of the division, their team, and The Bills.

Patriots beat reporter Michael Holley went on a 2+ minute rant after the game, and insisted that the Bills "Are not that good..."

Seems that denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

Watch his horrible hot take here:

The best part may be the look on the NBC Sports Boston reporter's face at the :47-second mark of the video.  He clearly must be thinking that Michael Holley has lost his dang mind.  It's worth a rewatch and a pause, Trust us...

Credit - Twitter
Credit - Twitter

We're not quite sure what game, or season, he was watching to come to the conclusion that the 12-6 Bills are "Not that Good".  Not only did the Bills beat his Patriots two out of three meetings this year, but they are still alive in the chase for the Lombardi trophy, and the Pats were last seen with their tails between their legs boarding their private jet at Buffalo International Airport.

So however Mr. Holley came to the conclusion that the Bills, with the #1 ranked defense, #10 ranked offense, are "Not that good" is beyond us.

This has to be one of the worst post-game sports takes that we've seen in quite some time.  Our best guess is that he is suffering from sore loser syndrome.

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