The word virtual has been extremely popular in 2020, so much, that it almost sounds normal to hear that something is being done virtually.

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Credit: WGRZ,  for three decades thousands of Buffalonians have gathered in Downtown Buffalo for the New Year's Eve ball drop. This year, Amid COVID-19 concerns Buffalo Police will be placed in Downtown Buffalo to try to prevent large crowds from gathering to see all the festivities.

According to WGRZ, Mayor Byron Brown says the annual event will be held virtually this year and encourages residents to watch this year's events on television, instead of going downtown to the Electric Tower where the ball drop has been held in all the years in the past.

In a year of cancellations, this is one party that can't be postponed.

said, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, according to WGRZ.

There will be fireworks and performances by the Goo Goo Dolls and the Buffalo Philharmonics Choir. Buffalo Police are setting the barricades up even further away from the Electric Tower this year to discourage people from gathering, you may be able to see the fireworks but you won't be able to see the ball drop.

I will be enjoying all the virtual events happening on New Year's Eve, from the comfort of my home.

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