This Police released surveillance video, posted on the WKBW Website, clearly shows a boy being led away by one man while another man covers his head with something.  You can also see what look like two gas cans on the ground.

According to the news reports, there are three videos released by the Police which are all compiled into one video below as you will see:

According to the news report and video, In the first portion of the video there is a man with something black over his heads walking west (in relation to the angle of the video), then in the next scene (same video) you see what appears to be a fire to the far left in the video (at the exact location where two bodies were found in a burned car) and a man moving in the opposite direction of what appears to be a fire, then stopping and placing something black over his head with what appears to be gas cans in front of him on the ground, while you see another man running with a boy at his side, The 3rd portion of video is a closeup of the man placing the black item over his head.  If you have any information nit is important that you call 911 immediately.

Police are also looking for anyone who saw, or has info about, a white Chrysler Pacifica, which, according to the news report, was rented in Florida according to authorities.



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