Since the tragic act of domestic terrorism took 10 lives in May 2022, many people have gone out of their way to help Buffalo heal and try to return to some sense of normalcy.

All sorts of people have made their way to Western New York to help bring resources, work in the neighborhoods, or just pay their respects and honor those lives that were lost. The President and Vice President of the United States have made stops in Buffalo, along with a variety of sports stars and athletes, actors and actresses, comedians, and musicians.

Now you can add the Detroit-bred lyricist Big Sean, who stopped in Buffalo on Monday, July 18, 2022, to that list. He did so without a big entourage or any press, he just came into town quietly and respectfully.

The Finally Famous rapper grey up in Detroit, which is just about a 4-hour from Buffalo, and remarked about how similar his hometown is to Buffalo. Having visited Detroit many times in my life I can attest to that fact. Our communities have a lot of things in common and it's quite possible for a Buffalo native to feel at home in Detroit, and vise-versa.

Big Sean, born Sean Michael Leonard Anderson, is no stranger to Buffalo and Western New York. He's done quite a few shows and appearances here over the years so it's not really a surprise to me to see him roaming around the town. Having interacted with the Double or Nothing rhymer many times in my DJ career, I honestly expected no less.

WGRZ-TV Anchor Scott Levin bumped into Big Sean while he was visiting the grocery store and was able to catch up with him for a few minutes as well.

Kudos Big Sean, thank you for supporting Buffalo.

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