Hashtag #WhereIsJosephKent was trending after news cameras captured a peace keeping protester walking in front of a line of militant police in Baltimore and suddenly disappeared into an armored truck. Today he explains what happened to him and what he plans to do now. Watch the full interview here.

21 yr old civil rights activist and community leader Joseph Kent is well known and respected for keeping protesters calm and peaceful at demonstrations in Baltimore and New York. Tuesday night, after the Baltimore curfew went into affect, Joe was easing tensions between Police and protesters when the National Guard came through in an armored truck and snatched him off the street. Twitter exploded news of perfectly coordinated kidnapping went viral.


"I just disappeared. It all happened so quickly and professionally" Kent told CBS News.

Law enforcement know who he is and only charged him with curfew

I am so happy to see that he is alive and well. Tonight he is back on the streets to continue to keep the peace.
(Funny, that's what a cop's job is supposed to be. Instead Police is who we need protection from. )

Drake mentions this in "6 AM in New York"

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