Man With Bomb Shot On TV!
Breaking News: A man walked into a Baltimore TV Station today saying he was strapped with bomb and had a thumb drive with video of himself on it, demanding it be played on TV. Watch News Video: LIVE COVERAGE:   View More: Live News|More News Videos  
Carters Bail Out Baltimore [VID]
This should stop all the "Beyoncé & Jigga don't do enough for the Black Community" talk. A social justice activist says she called on Jay Z to help bail out protestors in Baltimore and Ferguson and he wired over the cash immediately. Deets inside.
Activist Dayvon Love eloquently breaks down the political power structure between Baltimore city Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry.
Broken Window vs Broken Spine
Even after several days of peaceful protests, main stream media keeps reporting about broken windows, instead of reporting the problems that have left hundred of citizens dead the hands of police. This man is not having it! Watch how he shuts this interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Oliva Pope style!
Joe Kent is Back & Speaking Out
Hashtag #WhereIsJosephKent was trending after news cameras captured a peace keeping protester walking in front of a line of militant police in Baltimore and suddenly disappeared into an armored truck. Today he explains what happened to him and what he plans to do now. Watch the full interview here.
Is There A Difference?
With the recent riots in Baltimore there has been a rash of discussions from whether the mayor of the city was negligent in her call for the national guard, to calling the young men and women who were disruptive 'thugs', and why are they doing this to their own community(s)?
Baltimore Mom Speaks Out!
We now know the "Baltimore Mom" is Toya Graham, a Single Mother of six, who chastised and slapped her son around on National Television after seeing him rioting on the news!!! This is what Toya Graham had to say regarding why she did it:
Why Are You Protecting The Bully? [VIDEO]
Now that violence has taken over the news cycle, the Freddie Gray protesters are being labeled thugs and criminals. But any other time a victim stands up to his bully, he is applauded. When other Countries fought back against police, we cheered. But now that's it's happening in Black America, you call the situation "Sad" and turn your back on those putting their life on the line to deman

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